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As far as I understand the Bible dating is not scriptural. So you decide that you will go out with some "guy" for a while and see if you like him (kick his tires, if you will). This kind of "relationship" is based on trial and error. Things he buys you (is he spending his money foolishly or wisely), places he takes you to (would you want the Lord to find you there), things he says to you (sometimes what he is not saying is more important than what he is saying), or how he touches you (we will get to this in a moment). What will happen when he takes you to through the drive-through at the golden arches instead of that restaurant with the linen napkins that you went to on your first date, or he doesn't say the things he used to or says the wrong thing because you are experiencing PMS? If you do, then you are the one who is insensitive. Ask yourself where you want your relationship to go. Will you be able to stop there or will you go farther than you planned and have to live with guilt feelings and regrets? For the most part the world forces us to accept beautiful people and reject ugly, homely or plain-looking people. Too often relationships are based on someone's looks.There is nowhere in the Old Testament where men and women dated before marriage. If you find him "sea-worthy" then you will continue to see him. Not very wise when seeking a marriage partner, wouldn't you agree? A woman's emotions are a virtual roller-coaster ride. A man can talk a woman into doing things she normally wouldn't think of doing especially when a woman's emotions are in control of her thought processes. If he is "drop-dead gorgeous" (tall, dark and handsome) then you are interested in going out with him.But for you men the Word is clear that you treat women with respect and as sisters. You don't decide you like her and drive off to Lookout Point even if she wants to. You don't want the girl that is willing to break her vow before God and you are doing the same.In fact, if you really love and respect her, you would never put her in a place where there could be even a hint of sexual immorality. He does not care that nothing has happened between you and her.You will not find dating as evidenced by today's standards, or lack thereof, anywhere in the Scriptures. You try several approaches to a problem until you find the right solution, the solution that best fits your needs. If you follow through with this train of thought after you are married then you just might find yourself engaging in adultery when things don't work out or suffering through a messy divorce. You will continue to go out with someone as long as he makes you feel good. The moment you don't FEEL anything anymore you will begin to look for someone else. There is always a lot of touching involved when two people date. He may have the IQ of a pineapple, but hey "all the girls will envy you." You know nothing else about him but what you see as far as his appearance is concerned. Now I'm sure there are plenty of "Apollo's" out there but good looks are not everything.

, a Church publication for young men and young women, contains the following counsel regarding dating: “Do not date until you are at least 16 years old.Home Salvation The Sinner's Prayer Current Articles Encouragement Bible Studies Women's Studies Bible Study Tools Spiritual Growth Christian Family & Home Help for Victims of Abuse Suicide Sermons Divorce and Adultery Sex - God's Guidelines The Church Today Witchcraft and Sorcery Testimonies Tracts Prayer Requests Missions ITLM News Ministry Information Contact Us Site Index One of the most asked questions by single Christians is about dating and marriage. This subject is one of the most far reaching choices a person can make. Most of the time because these two questions are either never asked or the answer not followed it is disastrous. Children having sex with children and having more children is a common statement. In every area of life large and small these two questions should be asked and the answers sought. You're not a real woman unless you can attract a man.In contrast, dating is pursuing non-believers and including sex in your relationship before marriage.There are lively debates around courting vs dating for Christian singles to consider.Dating is a one-on-one experience for the most part. You don't want anybody else around because you don't want anyone else to see what you are doing.