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It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. With all the romance apps out there, there's literally hope for everyone, especially in Japan — even for ladies who dream of a courtship with a handsome young man with the body of a horse.Possibly the strangest app ever created, is now available on both i OS and Android, and the screenshots are absolutely hysterical.

Well below are some ways that dating sims can help you. Combining Japan's love of horse-racing, idol groups stacked with cute girls, and social RPGs is certainly one way to bring together seemingly disparate interests in a game.At least on paper, you can make some sense out of this game.As long as the horse has a human head, and a handsome one at that, I'm guessing that there's nothing wrong with falling in love with him.A little weird, yes, but that can be said of many things that come out of Japan.Also, a special thanks to Mat Pat at The Game Theorists channel on You Tube, please check out his videos on this topic for a lot more useful information. Your score goes up and down as you speak, interact, give gifts, and go on dates with your partner(s) in the game. Propinquity is the idea that the closer you are with someone the more fondness they will have for you.