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Then everyone writes the names of the people they liked and if there’s a match, they get each other’s phone number.

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Our data base provides hundreds of thousands of family-oriented Baltic singles’ profiles.

What he was simply referring to is that Estonian woman are far more attractive than their male counterparts. Well for every 100 men in Estonia there are 119 women, rising to almost 130 in the capital city Tallinn, comparing to 1/1 in Sweden.

My life these days is still deeply Estonian and sometimes I do still wonder at the curious ways of these adorable and prickly people from the north.

Mostly I am at the Rohelise Maja Kohvik ja Pood in Viljandi writing.

Baltic ladies are known all over the world for their outstanding beauty, not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

Beautiful Baltic brides strike with their appearance of a princess from a fairy tale.