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Updating formica kitchen countertops

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If you're tired of cleaning crumbs or from grout lines, or are numbed by the dull, matte look of your ages-old laminate counters, chances are your kitchen counters can benefit from a complete refresh.

Solid surfaces like Corian are a budget-friendly option, while granite or engineered quartz may be considered more of a splurge.

Some people are lucky enough to mince garlic atop custom countertops that match the style of their dreams; others may chop leafy greens on unsightly surfaces straight from the 80s (or worse).

Because of its economical benefits and long-lasting capacity, laminate or Formica is a popular countertop choice; unfortunately, after some time, laminate surfaces often fall into the less-than-ideal category.

All surfaces should be structurally sound before attempting to refinish.

Whether you're the type who anxiously waits for Sherwin Williams and Pantone to release the latest palettes each year or are merely tired of the '70s hue that dominates your vanity top, painting over a laminate counter is a relatively inexpensive and simple way to change up the color in your bathroom.

Just plan carefully, from the paint selection at the start to the three weeks of curing at the end, says Stephen Ingerson, color specialist for Hirschfield's, Inc., a full-service decorating center based in Minneapolis.

Marble is one of the most expensive options in kitchen countertops.

Design by Erica Islas of EMI Interior Design Have your tile or laminate countertops seen better days?